Hot off the Griddle

$12.00 French Toast

Add walnuts, pecans or fresh fruit for $4.00.

$13.00 Apple Cinnamon French Toast

Thinly sliced Granny Smith apples, cooked in sugar & cinnamon, placed atop French toast.

$15.00 Midwestern Madness

Bacon buttermilk pancakes topped with two eggs any style.

$13.00 Orange Marmalade French Toast

Stuffed with a special blend of cream cheese, orange marmalade, nutmeg & cinnamon. Served with orange syrup.

$14.00 Lemon Ricotta Buttermilk Pancakes

Fresh lemon zest mixed with ricotta cheese & pancake batter. Topped with fresh strawberries & bananas.

$13.50 Crème Brûlée French Toast

Our thick French toast with whipped cream & fresh strawberries topped with our Crème Brûlée sauce.

$9.00 Buttermilk or Honeywheat pancakes

Short stack (2) $9.00 | Full Stack (3) $12.00.

$10.50 Classic Belgian Waffle

Add, walnuts, pecans or fresh fruit for $4.00.

$13.50 Macadamia & Caramelized Banana Belgian Waffle

Our waffle mixed with macadamia nuts and topped with caramelized bananas.

$13.50 Power Pancakes

Cottage cheese, almonds & oats in whole wheat pancakes, topped with fresh blackberries.

$13.00 Sam the Cooking Guy’s Blueberry Biscuit Bundt French Toast

Slices of lemon soaked buttermilk biscuits baked in a bundt pan with blueberries & made into French Toast. Served with blueberry syrup.

$14.50 Raspberry Ricotta French Toast

Fresh raspberries, with a vanilla, honey & orange zest infused whipped cream.

$15.50 Chicken & Waffles

Spicy honey glazed breaded chicken breast & waffles.

$13.50 Pancake Sampler

3 mini pancakes: power, chocolate chip and lemon ricotta.

Omelettes & Scramblers

Each omelette or scrambler is made with four large eggs and served with your choice 2: homefries, hashbrowns, toast, tortillas, refried beans, black beans, cottage cheese or sliced roma tomatoes.  Fresh fruit substitution for sides add $4.00. Toast selections: sourdough, whole wheat, rye, multigrain or English muffin.  Substitute croissant for toast $2.25.

$16.00 Hangover

Favorite Menu Item StarFresh jalepeños, avocado, spicy chicken sausage & jack cheese, topped with chimichurri sauce.

$16.50 Chicken Cobb

Favorite Menu Item StarChicken breast, avocado, bacon, tomatoes & blue cheese crumbles.

$16.00 Sunrise Salmon

Fresh grilled salmon, chives, red onions & capers.

$16.00 Mediterranean

Vegetarian DishFeta Cheese, artichokes, tomatoes & spinach.

$16.00 Western

Ham, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms & cheddar cheese.

$16.00 Ortega

Ortega chile, salsa fresca, hot pepper jack cheese & spicy chicken sausage.

$18.00 The Shrimp

Sautéed shrimp & jack cheese with your choice of Spanish or hollandaise sauce served on the side.

$16.00 Meat Lovers

Favorite Menu Item StarChicken sausage, bacon, ham & cheddar cheese.

$16.00 Robinson Avenue

Bacon, spinach and tomatoes & Swiss cheese.

$14.00 Veggie

Vegetarian DishAvocado, tomatoes, fresh mushrooms & jack cheese.

$14.00 Spinach

Vegetarian DishSpinach, cream cheese & sautéed mushrooms.

On the Side

$7.00 Homemade granola with sliced banana

cup $5.00/bowl $7.50 Fresh Fruit

$6.00 Regular or Steel cut oatmeal

Served with raisins & chopped walnuts.

$4.00 Fresh buttery croissant

$4.00 Home fries/Hash browns

$5.00 Bacon

$5.00 Spicy chicken or pork sausage

$5.00 Cottage cheese & tomatoes

$5.50 Homemade biscuits & sausage gravy

$5.00 Two eggs

Served any style.

$7.50 Fresh Berry & Yogurt Parfait

Hot Drinks

$3.00 Espresso

$1.50 Extra Shot

$4.50 Cappuccino

$4.50 Cafe Latte

$5.50 Vanilla Latte

$5.50 Cafe Mocha

$4.00 Mexican Hot Chocolate

$3.50 Loose Hot Tea

English Breakfast, Ceylon Supreme, Earl Grey, Passionfruit with Flowers, Moroccan Green Mint, Organic Green Sencha, Apricot, Blood Orange, Freesia's Garden, Red Garden Chai, New Zealand Sunnyslopes.

$3.00 Freshly Brewed Coffee

$5.50 Caramel Vanilla Latte

$5.50 Hazelnut Latte

$5.50 Milky Way Latte

$5.50 Snickers Latte

$5.50 White Chocolate Almond Latte

$5.50 Almond Mocha

$5.50 Tuxedo Mocha

The Works

16.50 The Works

Two eggs any style, choice of bacon, Canadian bacon, chicken sausage link, pork sausage patties or ham. Choice of toast of a short stack of pancakes. Choice of hash browns or home fries.

Cafe Olé

$15.00 Breakfast Burrito

A large flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, avocado, salsa fresca & refried beans. Topped with jack cheese & sour cream. Add chicken or turkey breast, shredded pork or shredded top sirloin $17.50.

$14.00 Huevos Rancheros

Two over easy eggs placed on a corn tortilla and smothered in our spicy Spanish sauce. Served with beans, guacamole, sour cream & tortillas.

$13.00 Machaca

Chopped onions and tomatoes with scrambled eggs & your choice of freshly baked turkey, shredded pork, shredded top sirloin or chorizo. Served with salsa fresca, refried beans & tortillas.

$11.00 Carolenas Corn Tortilla

Vegetarian DishA light breakfast of corn tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, fresh salsa, jalepeño jack cheese & avocado. Served with mango salsa.

$16.00 Cabo Quesadilla

Favorite Menu Item StarFlour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, cilantro, hash browns & Monterey jack. Served with tomatillo salsa verde & sour cream.

$14.00 Yucatan Tostadas

Favorite Menu Item StarFried corn tortillas, black bean chorizo mixture, avocado, Monterey jack & salsa fresca. Served with your choice of two eggs any style or chicken breast & a side of mango salsa.

$15.00 Breakfast Tacos

With chorizo and scrambled eggs, bell peppers, onions & topped with guacamole. Served with refried beans & jicama cole slaw.

13.00 Chilaquiles

Four Chile chilaquiles with homemade corn tortilla chips, breakfast potatoes withonions, bell peppers, cilantro, goat cheese, sour cream & scrambled eggs. Served with a side of tortillas.

Crest Breakfast Specialties

$15.00 Cafe Eggs

Scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, scallions and your choice of bacon or Canadian bacon, served in a croissant with potatoes or fresh fruit.

$12.50 Veggie Breakfast Mess

Veggie chili, topped with breakfast potatoes, jalepeño cheese, salsa fresca & avocado. Served with toast. Add spicy chicken sausage for $3.00

$17.00 Pastrami Hash

Pastrami, Two eggs any style atop potatoes, butternut squash, leeks & garlic. Served with fresh fruit & toast.

$14.00 Artichoke and Ham Strata

Freshly baked casserole of artichokes, ham, gorgonzola, monterey jack, sourdough bread and unique blend of herbs. Served with fresh fruit.

$17.00 Angus Beef Hash

Angus ground beef, sundried tomatoes, bell peppers, spinach, potatoes. Topped with two eggs any style. Served with fresh fruit & toast.

$28.00 Steak or Pork Chops & Eggs

Choice top sirloin or pork chops with two eggs any style, potatoes & toast.

$15.00 Morning Scrambled Sandwich

Scrambled eggs, avocado, fresh mushrooms, jack & cheddar cheeses, bacon, scallions & tomatoes on sourdough with your choice of potatoes.

$16.00 Eggs Benedict or Florentine

Two poached eggs, laid over an English muffin with Canadian bacon or fresh raw spinach. Topped with hollandaise sauce. Served with potatoes.

$16.00 Tuscan Benedict

Favorite Menu Item StarTwo poached eggs atop croissant, sliced ham & asparagus. Topped with sundried tomato cream sauce with herbs. Served with potatoes.

$15.00 Ruben’s Benedict

Two poached eggs, pastrami, sauerkraut, 1000 island hollandaise sauce on toasted rye. Served with potatoes.

$13.50 Up & Adam Burger

Blend of fresh ground chorizo & beef mixed with bell peppers & onions & glazed with a tangy baste. Topped with bacon & a fried egg. Served with your choice of potatoes.

$16.00 Mexican Benedict

Two poached eggs on an English muffin. Topped with chorizo sauce, cilantro, scallions, avocado & feta cheese. Served with potatoes.

15.00 Avocado Toast

Multigrain toast smothered with avocado, lemon rind & chopped radishes, Topped with cream cheese scrambled eggs & scallions. Served with your choice of side.

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