What a great Find! We’ve just moved from San Francisco, and the Crest Cafe is a great hip/urban place for us 🙂 Thanks!

Crest Cafe quickly became my “home away from home”… It made a transplanted Ex-New Yorker feel at home with great home cooking.
The way to a man’s heart is truly though his stomach!

E. Hamilton

Aside from the great service and delicious food, this is the place where I told my sweetheart that I loved her, so you know we are going to keep coming back for the rest of our lives. Thanks.

Alex and Julie

It was my first time to your cafe and I have to say that it was wonderful! The service was great as well as the food. I got the Cecelia’s Chopped Salad and my brother got the Chicken Artichoke, Yum!!
I will definitely be back (and I live in Encinitas)

C. Johnson, Encinitas, CA

I had the Roast Pork Loin just like Mom+Grandma made 🙂 The food here is so unique and very good — We’ll be back. A different kind of menu and hard to select- too many good items. Do not ever change.

L. Hottel, Imperial Beach, CA

Pack you bags, Crest Cafe— We’re moving to Chicago in 6 months, and we ain’t leaving without you!

Mike and Sarah

Who can Say they go somewhere to get away, to think and to be well understood? Here at the Crest I can come and talk with friends or come when I need to be comfortable and have little to do with the world. The waite staff knows just when I am ready to be talked to and that is worth more than the incredible food. P.S. Never a frown here.

Taylor and Pixie

We love this restaurant, it’s my favorite in S.D.. I always bring friends and family here. Crest Cafe has such a delicious menu and great staff. Thanks!

M. Rodriguez

If I am remembering correctly I have been coming in here for 20 years. The food is as good as it was then. The service is excellent.

M. Elimu

Thank you for being here. Always can depend on a known quality of service, portion and quality control. The food is always delicious and service is stupendous!

P. Matthews

I have to say I just love Crest Cafe. I’ve lived here for 10+ years and I have always loved the food. Thanks! Awesome service too!

E. Jarrell

Your food is always great, and your waiters are awesome! We’ve been coming here since the early 80’s— one of our favorite places!

The Fares

December, 2002. Walked into the Crest Cafe for the first time. And our world changed. So fresh, so flavorful, so far away (we live in arctic Chicago). Now we await the holiday break every year and anticipate our favorite restaurants. And when we take that first forkful. “OHMYGOD” you never disappoint. Thanks so much.

R. Mitchell and C. Morrison

You have the best Hamburger in southern California! I’ve tasted a ton of ’em!

C. Shore

We love your restaurant. I imagined that I used to come here as a kid which is impossible. Thank you! I feel restored by the food and the atmosphere!

T. Parker + P. Bennett

A poem for you!
Oh Crest Cafe you make me smile, I think I’ll visit once in awhile, The pickles are my favorite part, but the dressing is very close to my heart, the dogs on the wall, are cute as well, as far as I’m concerned, your competition can go to hell!

P. Stamp Surrey, UK

Wade is an amazing server. We were very difficult customers and he was very patient and kind. The food was also very excellent. Wades cosmopolitan personality gave way to a great evening.

A. Jalleej

the new name for this place should be HEAVEN.

C. Gilbert

We arrived less than half an hour before closing, with the remaining tables near to finishing their meals. Yet both Kent and the other server could not have been more kind, courteous, caring and attentive; we were never made to feel rushed or less than welcomed. Both men deserve generous Xmas bonuses and/or promotions if available.

R.P. Thomas, San Francisco

We came in very late and were greeted very warmly. Our server Curran and Juan the bus person were friendly and attentive in the extreme! We’re very glad we chose to some in.

D. Serrano

You could rename your créme brulée “sex on a plate”!

Linda and Barry

Coming here is like seeing old friends and having great food. Juan is wonderful always a smile to greet you and Curran’s always helpful with the menus making you feel welcome.

S. Masry

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